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Tile and Grout
Renew your grout with our proven three step procedure to degrease, scrub and remove build-up. Completely transition your tile and grout back to its original condition.

Duct Cleaning
Pet dander and airborne dust particles are a leading cause allergy symptoms. When allergens are present, dirty ducts circulate them through your home every time your furnace runs. Certified through NADCA, our duct cleaning process will reduce allergies and improve the efficiency of your heating system.

Mold and odour
We are fully certified in mold remediation and all it’s techniques. Licensed through IICRC, our technicians have the knowledge and equipment to attack all odour issues, safely and efficiently.

Carpet Cleaning
Steam cleaning is the most recommended cleaning procedure by carpet manufacturers. Our IICRC trained technicians will use the proper products for the fibre with which the carpet is made. Using water at 240 degrees fahrenheit, stains and dirt are extracted with no residue left behind, leaving carpets completely cleaned and sanitized. Average dry time is 4 hours. Ask us about stain protection!

Using our truck mount system which heats water up to 240 degrees fahrenheit and a mild detergent recommended by fibre manufacturers, we clean your upholstery to a like new state. Upholstery is considered sanitized once cleaned. Most materials are dry within 2-4 hours. Ask us about stain protection!

Flood Restoration
Fully certified by IICRC, we use the most up to date energy efficient equipment along with our knowledge and experience to dry your home and its contents, and repair it to preload condition. We will be there when you call, it’s your choice as a homeowner to choose local.